About Us

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay is the founder of Sunshine Life and Wellness, LLC and is truly committed to make the world a happier place. She has over 20 years in the corporate world managing upscale hotels, training thousands of people and takes pride in giving back to her community, both military and civilian. Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious! Lindsay has a degree in Business Management, is a Registered Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance (RYT200) and specializes in teaching our military community and first responders.  Lindsay also leads all of our retreats with not only superb service and professionalism, but ensures that each individual leaves with joy and enlightenment. Since leaving the corporate world, she has devoted herself into yoga studies to have more of an impact on her community, local businesses, non-profit organizations and fellow military families. She believes that through meditation, you are able to see clearer and have more control over your reactions and responses to life's hurdles. Not only does she host private sessions, she will bring her enthusiasm to your business, non-profit organization, military base or reserve center to educate, empower and motivate your team! Lindsay believes happy people are behind healthy operations. She is a military wife, mom of three girls and loves to travel. She currently resides in Fort Myers, Florida, but travels the world to speak and spread her yogi love.  


You can learn more about hiring Lindsay for Corporate Trainings or Key Note Speaker at www.NextGenHospitality.us  

Dahlia Morey

Dahlia is one of the most amazing, inspiring women you will meet! Dahlia is a Registered Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance (RYT200) and holds a Bachelors degree in Anthropology.  She a super-mom with four kids- ages 15,13,10 and 3. Dahlia has practiced yoga on and off for over 20 years, but really committed herself to a devoted daily practice in May 2018. She struggles with intense anxiety and declares that yoga and meditation has helped her combat it, creating a peaceful place both within her and around her. Dahlia is extremely passionate about bringing yoga asana and meditation to Veterans and their families who have served, in addition to bringing the wealth of benefits that yoga and meditation offers to our local community. 

She loves to learn new languages; is currently studying Sanskrit, but has also studied Spanish, French and Italian. Dahlia loves to be outdoors and makes it a point to walk on the Earth barefoot for at least a few moments every day.